A Revolutionary Idea

In 1975, the Ruth Gottscho Kidney Foundation came up with a revolutionary idea — a sleep-over summer camp program for children with chronic kidney disorders. The kidney campers receive dialysis treatments in the state-of-the-art Ruth Gottscho Dialysis Center located in the camp’s new Guenther Family Wellness Center.

Today, when you visit the Frost Valley YMCA camp in New York’s Catskill Mountains, you see hundreds of kids swimming, boating, horseback riding, playing volleyball and more. As you look around, you’d be hard-pressed to pick out those who receive dialysis treatments as part of their routine. And that’s the whole idea. During their two-week stay the focus is less on their disease and more on meeting new friends, participating in camp activities, and gaining self-confidence and self-esteem.


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“I’m able to associate with kids my own age.”

In 2015, Justino was a first-tine kidney camper with chronic kidney disease. His counselors were impressed with his outgoing personality and rapid adjustment to camp. After lunch in the camp dining hall, he was happy to explain why he liked Frost Valley so much.


“Can I go back next year, Mom?”

That was the first thing Patrick asked when he got home from the kidney camp program at Frost Valley. Since he was seven, Patrick has been hooked up three times a week to a dialysis machine that does the work his kidneys can’t. He was never able to be too far from home until he went off to sleep-away camp. “I noticed a big change in him when he came home,” said his mother. “He seems so independent now.”


“Frost Valley has been good for us both.”

That’s what Alisha’s mother said after her daughter’s first camp experience. Alisha was diagnosed with kidney disease when she was four years old. She never had much of a childhood; the hospital was her second home.
Dr. Rick Kaskel, Alisha’s doctor at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, is the medical director of the kidney camp program. He assured Alisha’s mother that Frost Valley offered the same, high-quality care that Alisha received at the hospital.

Alisha came home very excited about her two weeks at camp, and her mother benefitted as well. “Alisha was stronger than I gave her credit for. Her experience gave me courage and confidence, too.”


Ruth Gottscho Kidney Foundation

Our sleep-away camp program at the Frost Valley Y in the Catskills is the only one in the country where kids with kidney disorders get the dialysis/medications they need on site and live with and do camp activities with regular campers. Since the program began in 1975, over 1,600 "kidney kids" have benefitted from this life-changing experience. *To donate, go to "Support the Ruth Gottscho Kidney Foundation" causes page or visit our website www.gottschokidney.org.
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Con-GRAD-ulations to all our graduates this year!! 🎉🎓

If you are looking to purchase a gift for your graduate this year, consider using #AmazonSmile and designating The Ruth Gottscho Kidney Foundation to receive a donation. When you shop, Amazon donates a percentage back to our foundation.

Every penny goes to making sure the dream of summer camp is a reality for children with kidney disorders! 😀🎑⛰️🎆
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Remembering my mom on Mother’s Day.

Eva Gottscho's legacy lives on each summer through our Kidney Camp Program. This year, I'm making a donation to the foundation in honor of her - the woman committed to having “kidney kids" experience the magic of summer camp, whose passion lives forever through the lives of the children we serve.

Please consider a donation in honor of your mother, and let us know how your mother inspires you! Visit www.gottschokidney.org/donate

Judy Gottscho Eichinger
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Wonderful news!
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Another great KUFA walk this year! Always a great time seeing friends and supporting the Kidney & Urology Foundation of America! And thank you to our Board President Bob Schachter and his wife Rona for sharing the great work we do!
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Do you know about this part of our history?

In 1969, The Ruth Gottscho Kidney Foundation established Operation Lifeline, a 24-hour telephone service in New Jersey that reported kidney donors directly to transplant teams at Beth Israel Hospital in Newark -- the only N.J. hospital performing transplants at the time. Most kidneys came from deceased donors, and the transplants had to be made in just a few hours. The Operation Lifeline number was prominently displayed in emergency rooms across the state. The program was used for several years and saved many lives.

Part of the program was the distribution of donor cards that people carried in their wallets. Below: The donor card distributed throughout New Jersey with the foundation's former address. (Our office is now in Teaneck, N.J.)